Native American Art, Craft and Jewellery


We bring you the finest examples of authentic Native American art, craft and jewellery directly from the members of the indigenous North American tribes.

To ensure the highest quality and authenticity, all products are carefully sourced from artists and crafts people who are members of indigenous Native American tribes in Canada and the south west USA.

All jewellery, art and crafts are imported from Canada and the USA and are genuine Native American handmade.

Navajo Rugs

Navajo Rug
Navajo Rug

Navajo weavings are some of the most dynamic of Native American art. After decades of being dismissed as merely saddle blankets or floor rugs, Navajo rugs have emerged to take their rightful place among tried and true works of art.

The knowledge, skill and creativity required to weave a Navajo rug cannot be understated. Some weavers produce their own yarn, and all carry on a tradition borne on innovation – and the tradition continues.

We strive to select the best examples of these weavings from the south west USA. These weavings speak for themselves.

Pottery and Horsehair Pottery

Pottery - Wedding Vase
Pottery - Wedding Vase

When we say "Indian Pottery" we usually mean that made by Pueblo Indians. Although other tribes practice the art, that of the Pueblos is best known. Every piece of pottery we feature is coil built, stone smoothed, hand painted and fired in the traditional manner. Items include Birds of a Feather, Wedding Vases, bowls and pots. We also source Sioux pottery.

Horsehair pottery is created by throwing strands of horsehair on to the surface of the clay as it is being fired. During the firing process the horsehair burns into the clay leaving a characteristic random carbonised pattern. Our horsehair pottery is sourced from the Vail family – members of the Navajo tribe.

Authentic Sources

All our products are sourced from Native Americans which include the Cheyenne, Navajo, Pueblo and Sioux tribes.

Every artefact is signed by the crafts person and can be traced back to its origins.